Current Firearms Courses:

All courses can be taken in a group or private setting and we can instruct at any location in British Columbia or Yukon. We have significant experience with course delivery in remote locations and welcome enquiries for delivery to First Nations, remote work camps etc.

  • Private Instruction for non-typical cohorts
  • 1:1 classes
  • Family & friends classes
  • Female only
  • Public classes

 CFSC – $160
(Canadian Firearms Safety Course)
This is required to obtain the PAL (Possession & Acquisition Licence).

CRFSC – $100
(Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course)
This is required to obtain the RPAL (Restricted Possession & Acquisition Licence).

Combined CFSC & CRFSC – $235
Combine the standard non-restricted and restricted courses in one weekend.

Family Safety – $custom
This course is designed with the next generation in mind.  For those of you who want your children to be taught basic firearm safety skills, should they be exposed to them. Maybe you have firearms at home and want some safety education tailored specifically for children.

Introduction to Live Fire – $custom
A course designed for those first-time shooters who are unsure as to whether they will like shooting or those who want an intro before booking the CFSC/CRFSC.

*note – this is a live-fire practical course conducted at an approved range.