It is difficult to adequately express our love for hunting; perhaps the best way would be to simply state that hunting was our reason for moving to the Kootenays.

Our journey from complete novices in the art of pursuing big game animals to passionate – and selectively successful – hunters has been thrilling, challenging, frustrating and many more ‘…ings’. We have, at different phases of our education and self-discovery, described ourselves as ‘meat hunters’, ‘trophy hunters’ and more. We are still not entirely sure that we have settled on the final description of ourselves but we currently exist in the state of just loving the pursuit. We love the hunt as much, or more, than we love the successful conclusion of it. For us, success is not measured by the amount of meat in the freezer at the end of a season but by the memories of the days spent in the outdoors, on mountain tops and ridgelines, in dark forest and afternoon naps on sunny hillsides. It is present in the stories of sudden encounters and long spot-and-stalks. Success is in every GPS track, every waypoint, every kilometer hiked and every meter of ascent over the season as much as it is every kilo of meat packed out on your back.

If this sounds like your idea of hunting, we are probably your kind of hunters. Check out our CORE and Learn To Hunt training.