Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course

The Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course, also known as the CRFSC, is intended for firearms users over the age of 18 as the second step in obtaining your RPAL (Restricted Possession and Acquisition License) endorsement.

This course receives a $25 discount when purchased together with the CFSC.

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Students MUST meet one of the following conditions to be eligible for the course AND be over the age of 18 :

  1. Have taken and successfully passed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and have a copy of the course report to present to the instructor, or
  2. Have a valid Possession and Acquisition License to present to the instructor.

Students taking the combined course (CFSC & CRFSC) will meet #1.

NOTE: The federal Liberal government bill C-21 prohibited the sale and transfer of handguns on October 21st, 2022. See our post here regarding why we think restricted endorsement is more important now than ever before.

See the course detail page for further info.

NOTE: This course is subject to a minimum sales threshold and we reserve the right to reschedule if fewer than 4 seats are sold 7 days prior to the event.

The Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course will cover the following:

  • An Introduction to the restricted firearms safety course
  • The Canadian Firearms Program
  • An Introduction to Firearms
  • The evolution of firearms
  • Major firearm parts
  • Basic safety practices
  • Loading & unloading procedures for restricted firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Operating handgun actions
  • Safe handling and carrying of restricted firearms
  • Firing techniques and procedures for handguns
  • Introduction to marksmanship
  • Care of restricted firearms
  • Safe storage, display & transportation
  • Social responsibilities
  • & much more!

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14th & 15th October 2023 @ Yahk