CORE [Exam Challenge]


For students who have studied online course offerings through other providers or the manual, this CORE exam challenge offering allows the practical and/or written exams to be undertaken locally.

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The BC CORE program is the mandatory certification route for those wishing to hunt legally in British Columbia.

Students wishing to challenge the Conservation & Outdoor Recreation (CORE) practical and/or written exams can do so via this offering. For information on self-study options, please see this link.

If you prefer an in-person learning experience, we occasionally offer instructor-led CORE courses. You can choose that option here.


  • It is necessary to study for this exam and to thoroughly understand the contents of the latest BCWF CORE manual. In addition, it is crucial that the student can navigate and understand the BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis.
  • Exam challenges are usually conducted during the CFSC/CRFSC training weekends but other accommodations can be made. Please contact us for further details.
  • If a student has a copy of their CFSC report form showing successful completion, they are exempt from the practical firearms handling portion of the CORE exam.
    • Please note that the course report form is required; a PAL or POL is NOT sufficient.